Avocados with altitude

The success of Avocados With Altitude, we believe, is due to the rich soil and high altitude in which the fruit is grown. Our main varieties are the popular Shepard and Hass avocados, however we also grow Sharwil and Pinkerton varieties. Avocado harvest occurs between February and May annually. This is the busiest time of the year for us, as bananas are also in their peak production period throughout these months. The first variety to be picked each harvest, are the Shepards. These avocados are a green skin variety, meaning that the skin stays green even after the fruit has ripened. The flesh is golden, has a buttery flavour and doesn’t turn brown when cut. Our Hass variety is traditionally picked towards the end of the Shepard harvest. Hass are the most common avocado to be found on an Australian table, and represent more than 75% of avocados grown in the country. This type has distinctly rough skin and turns a rich dark purple colour upon ripening.

After the Shepard and Hass, our Sharwil and Pinkerton varieties are harvested. Sharwil has a particularly rich, nutty flavour and therefore is often marketed as a gourmet fruit. Pinkertons are a distinctly larger variety and tend to have much longer necks than other avocado types. Like the Hass, Pinkertons turn a dark purple colour upon ripening and also have a rough, pebbly skin.